1. Commercial and Corporate Law – in this area our focus in particular is on major international banks, insurers, private equity companies and family offices
    • Conversions, Mergers and Demergers of Companies
    • Share Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Leverage Buy Outs (LBO), Management Buy Out (MBO)
    • Financings
    • Pledges
    • General Meetings of Stock Corporations
    • IPOs, Follow-ons, Delistings / Going Private
    • Control and Profit Transfer Agreements including Approval Resolutions
    • Restructurings
    • Reference Deeds
    • Capital Increases and Capital Reductions
    • Company Succession
    • Partnership Creation (GmbH, AG, SE, KGaA)
    • Company Creation (GbR, OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG, GmbH & Co. oHG)
    • Changes to Articles of Association
    • Data Trustee
  2. Real Estate Law – our high level of expertise in the entire spectrum of real estate transactions guarantees comprehensive support for the respective project from the planning phase to the final transfer
    • Comprehensive Support for Property Development Projects
    • Private and Commercial Real Estate Transactions
    • Acquisition and Sale of Real Estate Portfolios
    • Donation Agreements; in particular with regard to the Next Generation (NextGen)
    • WEG/Partition Deed
  3. Succession Laws and Domestic Relation Laws – with these sensitive, personal matters we offer an individual solution in close dialogue and after detailed discussion of concrete ideas and wishes
    • Company Succession, Family Pool Agreements
    • Last Will and Testament, Contracts of Inheritance, Joint Wills
    • Applying for Executorship Certificates and Certificates of Inheritance
    • Prenuptial Agreements and Post-Divorce Agreements
    • General Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Advance Directives
  4. Execution of Wills – in particular also for complex assets, e.g. with foreign connections, company participations, cultural assets
    • Estate administration
    • Domestic and Foreign Tax Matters
    • Creation of an Estate Inventory
    • Estate Evaluation
    • Estate Liability Settlement
    • Complex Administration of Estates (e.g. Minors, Heirs Residing Abroad, Legal Disputes, Scattered Debts, Foreign Assets, Corporate Investments)
    • Costly and Difficult Structuring Tasks (e.g. Debt Rescheduling, Restructuring and Liquidation)
    • Permanent Execution of Wills
    • Company Succession
  5. Law of Foundations and Private Wealth –in particular with regard to large and complex family assets, also with regard to the regulation of succession
    • Setting up and Support of Non-Profit Foundations
    • Setting up and Support of Family Foundations
    • Structuring of Private Wealth